Wednesday, October 10, 2018

When China arrests someone for corruption Swedish Aftonbladet compares it with islamofascist Saudi dictator family. Why?

How Saudi-corrupted is media?

Aftonbladet calls Xi a "tyrant" because he has to fight against Saudi induced islamic hate mongering/terrorism. Btw, why is an arrest under corruption chrges "mysterious"?

While US and UK have turned into arrogant and militaristic hate mongerers siding with the worst of the worst (the islamofascist Saudi dictator family)
China is now the unchallenged world leader when it comes to spread prosperity and peaceful development around the world. And in doing so China has settled for a hard line against one of the main scourges  of the world, namely corruption.

However, Aftonbladet compares China with the islamofascist Saudi dictator family based on something the latter has caused, namely islamofascist hate mongering and terrorism among Uyghur jihadis - something that probably most Uyghurs don't even support.

Stop fake media such as Aftonbladet, BBC etc.! Prosecute journalists and editors who knowingly fake, misinform, and deliberately neglect important news.

When most media already had reported for some time about Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance in the Saudi consulate in Turkey, nothing could be found about it on Aftonbladet..

And the West seems to eagerly support this islamofascist hate campaign as a means to meddle in and hinder China's peaceful development projects.

And when Chinese authorities have to protect their own citizens (incl. peacful Uyghurs) it's called "human rights violations". Can hypocrisy and bigotry get any lower?

Just as in the case of the Saudi fostered Rohyngia islamofascists among Rohyngia people.


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